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oilfield_pulstar.jpgOilfield Water Well Drilling Experts

We want to provide service for you and all your water well needs. We understand the fast pace of the oilfield and we are here to help you along the way. We have currently assisted several oilfield companies that are currently involved in the Eagleford shale project with their water well needs.

Eagleford Shale Project

We can set conductor pipe deeper than the rathole machine. We currently have set conductor pipe on a variety of wells and different oil companies involved in the Eagleford shale project. Average Depths are currently setting at 300 ft to 1,000 ft.

The oilfield companies have realized that by setting this conductor to a deeper depth than the rathole machine, the conductor pipe achieves a substantial advantage of saving time and money before the drilling companies rig moves on location. The real main objective that is accomplished through this procedure is satisfying the railroad commission with a better cement shoe test. This is a process that Davenport Drilling and Pump Service utilizes by drilling with air and all the cuttings are blown through 10 inch poly-pipe line that goes to a reserve pit. This leaves a clean location with no ditches or special pits that need to be dug. 

  • Conductor Pipe
  • Drill water wells to depths up to 5000 ft
  • Perforate
  • Jet
  • Geophysical logging
  • Chemical Analysis/ Water quality testing
  • Casing to include Swedge
  • Test pumps
  • Pump Installation
  • Manifolds
  • Flow lines
  • Generator Rentals
  • 1,000 Gal Fuel Tank Rentals
  • Service Repair 24/7


Call Davenport Drilling & Pump Service at (210) 688-3657 for well drilling & pump services in Live Oak, De Witt, Karnes, Atascosa, Karnes, McMullen, La Salle, Gonzales, Wilson, Zavala, Webb, and Dimmitt counties in Texas.